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Posted on January 17, 2017 by scen

Clients nowadays are overflowed with a great deal of options and choices with regards to picking the best and conservative VOIP benefit. Many organizations are thinking of new and imaginative VOIP administrations that charm clients to embrace VOIP as a specialized device.

This article will talk about around one such administration that offers free VOIP calls to their clients.


This is a free program that makes utilization of the most recent innovation to convey astounding voice correspondences to individuals all through the world. This administration is utilized by various organizations for their business needs and necessities. imo pc 

12VOIP is free to download and can without much of a stretch be introduced on to PC’s. Clients then need to tap the establishment record. Upon fruitful establishment, clients need to make a User ID and secret key keeping in mind the end goal to utilize this application.

Step by step instructions to Place Calls

Since this is an easy to understand applications, calls are anything but difficult to make. With a specific end goal to place free VOIP calls, clients need to enter their username in the textbox and tap the dial catch. Calls made to landline telephones are free on the off chance that they are recorded in the free goals list.

Calls should be set in the accompanying arrangement: 00+country code+ zone code+ endorser number

Least System Requirements

The base framework prerequisites required for clients to download this free VOIP calls application are as per the following:

o PC running Windows Vista, XP, 2000 (with SP2)

o 1 GHz processor

o 256 MB RAM

o 30 MB free space on the hard drive

o Full duplex sound card and a headset

o Cable, DSL or proportional broadband association with Internet

12VOIP Tabs

12VOIP administrations can be isolated into a few tabs. Some of them include:

Contacts Tab: The contact tab permits clients to see online contacts that are as of now in the clients’ contact list. Clients can right tap on any client name and see the quantity of decision for correspondence reason. It likewise permits clients; to deal with their contact list

Dial Pad: This free VOIP calls additionally accompanies a dial cushion include that demonstrates the graphical representation of catches that can be utilized for putting calls.

Speed Dial: Customers can likewise utilize this tab to appoint numbers to their contacts. In others words, clients can without much of a stretch call straightforwardly to different clients with the assistance of a solitary catch.

12VOIP offers fabulous voice quality and it can be further enhanced by redesigning the sound cards or by utilizing a decent quality headset.

Trial Offer

12VOIP offers trail arrangements to their clients. Clients can now buy credits and test this free VOIP calls administration to various goals around the world. The main detriment is that clients can just place calls for roughly a hour.

What’s more, they can utilize this administration for around 3 months. A portion of alternate advantages of 12VOIP trial offer are as per the following:

* Customers can make calls for 300 minutes for each week to any goal around the world

* When the 3 months time span is up, calls will be charged at ordinary rates. Clients can purchase new credits and profit this office once more

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