Nail Polish Colours – What Do They Say About You?

Posted on February 16, 2017 by scen

Should you be stuck in a ditch using the same color nail varnish week in week out, you’re certainly missing out one of the most fun ways to express your own very unique personality and elegance. Beauty experts consent the better branded toenail colours have mushroomed since the colour explosion of the 1980s, with so many wearable funky hues that you really can have your pick of the season’s latest colorings and also classics. Use this listing of nail polish colors and the actual say about the glamorous female wearing them guide you to choose your best hue this season. uñas decoradas pies

1 ) Dark Colours and Dark-colored 

Since Victoria (and David) Beckham were first discovered wearing black nail layer of varnish a couple of years ago, it was rehabilitated overnight from a goth-emo-rock staple into the most popular colour to grace movie star hands on catwalks, red carpets and over the magazines. The trend is holding, and this season brown is on the catwalks too. Black offers a smooth, classy look, at the same time of any high degree of definition – the user is a strong, assured woman.

2. Metallics

Precious metal is a summer most liked and certainly adds romance all year round. Precious metal is a very warm colour, and those who put it on can be seen as successful, outgoing, societal types, especially at functions. Silver can be considered a more restrained colour, and has been another celebrity pattern of late. Like it is wearer, silver nail enhance is highly superior and versatile, and demonstrates a quiet inner strength.

3. Glitter

Glitter is a fun, bold trend for the young as the primary goal but be careful to match it with the right accessories and outfit. Nice chunky glitter nail layer of varnish projects a vivacious, showy side to you, and definitely will certainly create a long-term impression. If this will not sound like you, do what the celebrities do and use a more subtle pastel glitter with other nail colours, to add a touch of sparkle without the remarkable statement.

4. Greens and Blues

Whether it is the latest eggshell blue or a darker shade, blue is a perennial fashion declaration that looks good on so many women. Mentally speaking, blue is a relaxed colour, and those who wear it could be seen as calm, grounded types who enjoy a hyperlink with nature. Green is also enjoying a renaissance in cooler, mint tones, and the ones who wear it definitely don’t stick to the küchenherd.

5. Funky Colours

Green reflects sunny, happy times and it can be a stunning nail shine if you team with good accessories. Take time to find a color that works with your skin tone to avoid looking beaten up. Fluorescents yellow, oranges, greens and pink nail colours have also graced celebrity finger nails lately, and there’s a definite appreciation of nice, funky colours.

Far from being the uniform you dutifully paint in each few days, nail shine colours are a way to make statement about who you are, and you could have a lot of fun using the several nail bed varnish colours to find the the one that makes you feel most confident. Simply like people, nail shades have distinct personalities, so the next time if you’re shopping for a new colour, try trying out a shade you thought you needed never wear – you might just find it becomes your firm new favourite.

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