Online Shopping for housewarming and weddings in Lebanon and Middle East Where does it stand today?

Posted on March 22, 2017 by scen

Exactly why is Lebanese e-commerce so heavy?

The retail sector has become incredible drastically over the previous decade. Buyers are no longer limited by the physical occurrence of selection, nor are they compelled to venture within their too hot cars, get stuck in hours of traffic, only to determine that the overloaded shopping center has run out of their exclusive item. Parfum Pas Cher

E-commerce has allowed users to acquire anything they would as with the click of a few control keys and a couple of days of delivery time. Lebanon, with its increasing internet and credit cards penetration, as well as its tech-savvy and trendy shoppers should be one of the region’s first e-commerce adopters! Nevertheless, Lebanon still relies very seriously on bricks-and-mortar shoParfum Pas Cherpping, while online shopping is merely given a second (third, next, or fifth) thought! Consequently why has e-commerce in Lebanon and the Central East lagged behind the rest of the world? Below are the 3 major reasons why Lebanese e-commerce has been attempting to cope up:

1- Lack of viable repayment portals:

The country has two relatively out-dated repayment portals that do not integrate with the websites. As such, customers are directed to external links and compelled to re-enter their credit-based card data for each and every purchase. This can be highly not practical and reduces the simplicity of second purchases.

Besides the out-dated nature of the payment portals, they command word a monopoly on industry and charge exorbitant fees: $350-$500 initiation fee, 3. 5-4. 0% transaction fees, as well as $35-$50/month “maintenance” costs.

Furthermore, the possible lack of Paypal and other online payment portals in Lebanon creates an immense concern for e-commerce businesses.

“Ease of payment” is placed as one of the highest conversion factors for e-commerce businesses. Lebanon provides dismal options, and so online businesses struggle to provide dynamic options such as one-click purchasing and Paypal.

2- Lack of sensible online shopping:

Most new e-commerce businesses in the centre East have been build to cater to the “trendy” and “hip” crowd. They give flash sales of costly designer items, indexing of exclusive local boutique designers, or niche gift idea items which cater to market consumers. Furthermore, the “old guard” of e-commerce in Lebanon give you the typical online surprise selections flowers, candies, teddy bears, and other “one-off” emotional gifts.

With the exception of very few sites, most Lebanese websites have a very standard style and design with little attention to practicality and detail. Food selection pop-up in impractical ways, data entry is challenging, and many products are not searchable.

Samples of these “old-guard” websites are:

Exotica blossoms: This site charges high shipping costs, overcharges for its bouquets, and will deliver smaller and less expensive bouquets than it claims online (it’s happened in my experience on multiple occasions! ). Furthermore, they only deliver flowers! They are one of the highest rank e-commerce sites in Lebanon at 1 ) 3M globally ( Additionally, they take credit for adopting the online delivery system early on, although they haven’t sensed the requirement to improve due to not enough a sizable rival.

Buy Lebanese: Colors, baptistère, sizes, photos, and packing containers are not user-friendly. Even so, they rank pretty high on Alexa. com: sequel payments on your 5M globally. This group will take credit for being one of the early adopters of e-commerce in Lebanon! Hat-tip to their experience!

961 gifts: not sure about the website name, the design looks basic, but menu items are clear. Their product strategy is broadly based on flowers, perfumes, cosmetics, and brandless accessories – 4. 2M global rating

Good examples of the newer “niche consumer” sites are:

Lebelik, Eezmeez, Marka VIP

A few of the newer websites have centered on great design and have achieved relative success in the hip and young markets. Nevertheless, aside from Marka VIP which is based in Dubai, none of them have was able to truly achieve a sufficiently large market.

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