The Problem With Fake App Reviews

Posted on April 4, 2017 by scen

Will you feel that all users that rate an application are fair and objective? Generally there are many users that rate an software without even experiencing it, particularly if the iphone app is free. Basically it wrong the reality that game actually piteuxs others? It would be perfect if software ratings indicated the objective quality of that iphone app and only those who used that software werewhere to buy app downloads permitted to review and rate. Well, it is never like this. android app reviews


1. Confusion.
Every app market, including Android’s Google and bing Play suffers from this disease. Take into bank account the fact that some individuals make jokes and they give a 1 superstar to an software with a pretty good score. Various other people may complain constantly and rate the iphone app with 1 star. Generally there are also kind hearted people who want to help everyone and rate with 5 stars every iphone app without experiencing it first. In all of the cases it is wrong and does indeed not help.

2. Organization is business

Fake software are a means of advertising. From two apps, customers will choose the one with the better reviews and ratings. Nowadays, web publishers can buy Android software reviews. They pursue their interest, but this is often bad for others. Imagine the iphone app as being below average. They buy positive reviews that will convince people to buy/download that iphone app and those users will suffer disappointments.

3. Needy times require desperate steps.

Take into account the reality everyone must earn a living out of their software. It is as an exam where every point matters. Here is like this: every rating and review counts. Customers are enticed to trust the reviews and ratings and are influenced in what the reviews say about the software. It is a common practice nowadays for web publishers to ask their family and friends to offer positive reviews also to give negative reviews to rival applications.


App reviews and scores are useless if users adopt a ” light ” approach towards them. It could be right for users to take into consideration the good qualities and cons of the applying before rating it. You can also get specialized websites offering aim reviews.

The specialized app developers want to really know what is good and what is bad about their software, they do not treatment ab

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