Social Networking 101 – Web 2.0 And Social Networks

Posted on February 21, 2017 by scen

The vital thing we need to give attention to here is that cultural networking is NOT something new, nor does it define the recent World wide web 2. 0 craze in any way. social network

In reality the entire concept of what Web 2. 0 really means has been so widely distorted that lots of marketers and web designers are actually using it to help promote products and services which may have NOTHING to do using what Web 2. 0 really means.

Possibly the ever popular Wikipedia defines Web 2. zero as “a perceived second generation of web-based areas and hosted services (such as social-networking sites, wikis, blogs, and folksonomies) which aim to facilitate creativeness, collaboration, and sharing between users”. You’ll realize that the term “perceived” is one of first words used, as much of what we have come to believe is reality is based on our notion, but in truth cultural networking is far more than that.

To show this Wikipedia further moves on to say; “Although the word suggests a new version worldwide Wide Net, it does not label an update to any technical specifications, but to changes in the ways software developers and clients use webs. Web 2. 0 is the business revolution in the laptop or computer industry caused by the move to the Net as platform, and an attempt to understand the guidelines for success on that new platform. ”

Summing the last two transactions from Wikipedia you’ll notice that social networking and the social networks and platforms are not anything at all new. Precisely what is new and what will feed in to the Web 2. 0 trend that has recently made a number of these social networks so popular is the simple to operate platforms that allows the finish user access to a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) graphic user interface as soon as they sign up and sign in for their favorite sociable networking websites.

Again the notion here is NOT new. Great example of such have existed since the beginning of the internet with bulletin panels, which later lead to the early times of what we now call blogging and forums. You could post your meaning to viewers back then, just as you can now. The with cultural networking today when using the new WYSIWYG program is that you can now easily add your own images, animations, videos, audios, squeeze pages (for lead generation to build an email list) and polls. Depending on which of social networks that you join the options are stammering compared to the “old way” of social networking online.

To exhibit that social networking and the social networks are not new in any respect I have done simply a little research to uncover how far back many of these websites go.

MySpace – Registered February. 22 1996

Friendster – Registered March 22 2002

Facebook – Registered Walk 29 1997

MyYearBook – Registered Nov. 01 2k

Hi5 – Registered August 27 1996

Tagged – Registered July 10 98

Fubar – Registered July. 24 1997

Taking this same concept more in to the Web 2. 0 era the sociable networking website have created a multitude of online video oriented social networks, but again this is little or nothing new.

YouTube – Authorized Feb. 15 2005

Badoo – Registered May twenty six 2003

Bebo – Authorized July 15 2003

While you can tell Vimeo had not been the first to get started on it social networking market. When i only have two listed below Vimeo in my list about there was several other cultural networks that also came up along well before they did. The single thing that the creators of YouTube do better than the others that came before them was going to actually TAKE ACTION and use the social networking skills that everyone else was planning to claim they were experts at.

I’m sure that what they do was going to research their niche, where they probably learned the same things that I performed. Most of the interpersonal networking website that were trying to establish their own on-site social systems are not just registering their own websites for you or 2 years. In fact, many of them are registered at least until 2010. Some of them are registered even more out and have their own servers that are dedicated ONLY to their social networking websites to achieve the various social sites that are developed an improved quality of service.

What makes them doing this you may ask? Since the advertising earnings brought in alone for them is so high that they can’t turn away from it. With millions after millions of folks world vast going for their websites twenty-four hours a day they are earning profits hand over fist, much the same way that the search engines were well before they came along.

This offers to another point, let us consider the “big three”; Google, Yahoo! and BING, which laid the forward for the social network websites that came after them. There have recently been social networks since well before the search engines first decided to create their “groups”, but taking people off of bulletin planks and bringing them in the mainstream where here were literally millions of tourists daily was a no brainer. The transition was easily predictable, but again this goes back as to what I’ve been saying all along. Social networking, interpersonal networks and whatever we have come to know as Web 2. 0. zero are nothing new.

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