Three Positive Predictions You Need to Hear About Retirement

Posted on February 2, 2017 by scen

Retirement living is not, and will probably never be, a simple topic. Every retirement account is individual and unique. And if the person retiring is actually you, that unique story becomes eminently significant, certainly emotional, and possibly life critical. Retire early

Approved, throughout our work lives before retirement, our work may have become almost routine. And granted, we may have dreamed of the day when we could turn in our employee ID, say farewell to our colleagues, and walk out to the building for the previous time. But after the window curtain closes on Act 2, we know that it will open again on Act III. The question is, what will happen in Act III, and will it all end happily and well?

With 77 million Baby Boomers in the before, during, or right after level of retiring, speculation is rampant about what we will do, where we can do it, and how we will discover our way to whatever IT will be. There is even speculation about what old age will look like after we have left our tag upon it, and shifted permanently the traditions we handed down from those who listing is of course before us.

Three forecasts about the landscape of Baby Boomer retirement surge to the top:

You will see more older workers. Contribution of older personnel in the workforce will increase significantly.
Retirement will require reinvention, not continuation. Job change can become the usual that will replace traditional retirement. We will continue to work in retirement, but may very well not do the same work we have done in the past. And we will significantly alter the balance between work and leisure, cycling in and away of work, or preparing to work part-time, as a way to preserve at least several of the freedoms associated with traditional retirement.
Necessary retirement guidance will include career redirection, not simply financial advice. Satisfaction in pension will be as much about personal purpose as it is about financial security. We will need support and guidance from Career Counselors as well as Financial Advisors.
Considerably more Older Personnel

Retirement used to mean the end of work. Today, this means a rebalancing of work and leisure. In truth, working in later life is increasingly becoming the norm. Near to eight away of ten pre-retirees say that ideally they wish to include some work in their retirement years. Only 23% define retirement living as “stopping work completely. ”

Between 2006 and 2011, the sole era cohort where the employees grew as opposed to decreasing was your 55+ group. This growth was impressive, with a rise of over 4 million 55+ in the workforce, in contrast to major drops consist of age organizations. And according to Office of Labor projections, contribution rates of older staff will continue to increase.

Reinvention, Not Continuation

Old age motivation now often incorporates a desire for continued goal, productivity, stimulation, satisfaction and social connections. But it does not indicate remaining with the same job. Over half of us (51%) plan to enter in a different type of work in retirement.

And although almost all of us (71%) do plan to work in retirement, many people will be seeking flexible work preparations, such as part-time work (39%) or going back again and forth between intervals of work and leisure (24%), in line with the 2013 Merrill Lynch Retirement Study, conducted in partnership with Age group Wave, with over 6000 respondents. Only 8% of us plan to work full-time. This is merely to some extent a function of financial necessity. Even among those of us who are affluent when we get into retirement, with $250, 500 or maybe more in assets and investments, 68% plan to work in retirement. Of these, 29% will pattern between work and leisure and 34% will work part-time. Only 5% plan to work full-time.

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