Treatment for Herpes – Knowing Your Enemy Is The Most Important Step In Your Battle With Herpes

Posted on March 26, 2017 by scen

We assume that a proper treatment for herpes should get started with a thorough understanding of the enemy we are facing. Whether you are facing genital the herpes virus or oral herpes you basically have the same enemy. get this book

The herpes simplex virus has two pressures. Typically, strain 1 (HSV1) causes oral herpes – these are also known as fever blisters, cool sores or shingles. Pressure two (HSV2) usually dégo?tant the urogenital area. Possibly strain can cause both genital herpes and verbal herpes.

The most common incorrect belief is that HSV2 causes genital herpes virus pictures and HSV1 causel oral herpes. This is not true as both strains can infect both sites. It is however true that around 70 to 90% of common herpes cases are credited to the HSV1 tension and 80-90% of penile herpes cases are as a result of HSV2 strain. The problem is that lots of times reports can be misleading so you may find these facts to be remarkably useful.

While the typical manifestations of herpes comprise in blisters in the mouth or urogenital area, it is important to understand these are merely the outward manifestations of the disease. The origin of the word for the herpes virus means: to creep. The word illustrates the brilliant way that the computer virus has were able to thrive in our society.

After an infection – typically 2 to 20 days after – the first episode of herpes occurs. During this time the computer virus multiplies and the visible symptoms of herpes show themselves. The person is most infectious during this time period and regular care must be taken to avoid the infection more. As the bodies immunity process beats again the virus in retreats inside the nervous system. There it lays heavy and waits for a weakness of the affected person to strike again.

Various people have observed that the frequency and intensity of outbreaks decreases over time. This is scheduled to the fact that immune system produces antibodies and it is better suited beat back the virus when it reactivates. The opposite is also true, if going through a period of uncertainty – physical or mental – the bodies protection mechanisms are weakened and the herpes virus can resurface.

Herpes is a life long disease and is not curable at the moment. You can however avoid the humiliation and pain associated with it by setting up a lifestyle based herpes virus treatment protocol.

When it comes to treatment for herpes many people only treat it when the virus manifests itself symptomatically. Research has shown that this is not the best approach. This is because the virus can be active but asymptomatic. During this period, you are infectious and you are also allowing the virus to grow better in you.

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